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GreenWorksGov Turns Five and Is Ready to Read

November 19, 2014
It’s our five-year anniversary!  GreenWorksGov has penned 261 weekly blogs since November 11, 2009.  Today, we begin our sixth year of delivering information, news, ideas, issues, resources and solutions to assist green teams in public and private office settings.  GWG followers know that the scope of topics we cover is broad and will remain so.  This year alone, we tackled water, the future of energy without fossil fuels, green vacations, green meetings, what the USA’s Department of Defense is doing to green the fleet and foot soldiers, “cool” green schools, the greening of professional sports, Bar associations that are leading the way for members to adopt sustainable practices which  work in any office, legal or otherwise, and food.  And that doesn’t include our regular updates for recycling, facilities management, energy, conservation, waste management and the host of green events such as Earth Day and America Recycles Day.
As I reviewed the list of 2014 blogs, I realized that “food” merited several blogs, from the water and energy used to process a single hamburger, to the availability or lack of healthy eating options in office cafeterias and vending machines, to last week’s blog about the new Food Scores report from the Environmental Working Group (highly recommended!).  GWG’s focus, not to say obsession, with food is born of the environmental impacts of our food choices and the impacts on our health and well-being.
This week marks the beginning of a book review we’ll bring you over the next couple of months interspersed with other weekly blog topics.  The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan is a provocative and highly informative book about “the natural history of four meals.”  The book is a recommendation of the University of Connecticut “Uconn Reads” program which selects a book each year that the university community reads.  The focus on food is highlighted throughout the year  in lectures, food options in the cafeterias and dining establishments on campus, and in other events that encourage consideration of the economic, environmental, health, societal and moral issues raised by what we consume, its contents, and its origins.  Fasten your seat belts. “The Seattle Times” described the book as “a searing indictment of the food industry.”  I’m a couple chapters into the book and can affirm that what Pollan discovered on his investigative journey is both compelling and repelling.  As "The Washington Post” review noted, “Be careful of your dinner.”

With that, we’ll open to Chapter One, Industrial Corn.  Read along with GWG, or read our blog chapter summaries.  We recommend you buy the book, read along with GWG, and send us your comments. Either way, this is an opportunity for green teams and office employees to learn more about what is really in the food we put into our bodies and what steps can be taken by those wanting to consume what nature naturally provides as contrasted with what the food industry is stocking on our grocery shelves and selling at fast food outlets.  Read more.


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